What is Web Development

Web Development is the process of developing a website. This can be a static website to display simple information on a subject or a business. It can also be a more complex dynamic website like a shopping cart, business website with client data, etc.

There is often a great deal of confusion regarding what web development is. It is often confused with web designing. Truth of the matter is that both are very different roles. It involves the use of a programming language like PHP, Dot Net, etc. to create functionality of a website. On the other hand web designing is more about designing a user interface and making use of tools like Photoshop, HTML, CSS, etc.

Process of Web Development

It includes client side coding as well as server side coding. There are also several types of web development as listed here:

  1. Front End Development: Main job of a front end developer is to use programming languages like HTML, CSS, JavaScript to create a website layout from a design given by a client or a design team.
  2. Back End Development: Back End development is more about creating functionality for a website and linking the user-interface with back end functionality. Use programming languages like PHP, Python, Java, Ruby, etc. It also includes making use of database like MySQL.
  3. Full Stack Development A full stack developer oversees the entire process of website development and is involved in the tasks for front end development as well as back end development.

Skills required for Web Development

Listed here are set skills required for website development:

  • Use of programming languages like PHP, Dot Net, Java, etc.
  • Scripting languages like JavaScript, etc.
  • Database methodologies.
  • Website testing methods.
  • Open source software as well as development frameworks.

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